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I&W Scramble League

You asked. We listened!

Legendary Prizes. Included Bevy's.
May 24th to June 23rd

The Iron & Wood Scramble league was born out of a love for playing scramble golf and a lack of opportunities for golfers to play scrambles in a fun, yet competitive environment. Here at I&W, we don't take things like handicaps seriously. Just find yourself some golf amigos and away you go. This 4-golfer (or less if you like a challenge) format is the perfect way to play golf. Top your drive? Don't worry you've got a partner. Chunk an iron shot? Don't sweat it. you've got a partner. Blade a chip? Hopefully your partner has a better short game than you. And two putts at that 17 foot birdie? Let's Go!

What IS a Scramble?

Need a quick refresher OR want to hear details on the most enjoyable format in golf?!

We got you.

First up, a scramble is played between two and four players on one team. Each player will hit their own ball for each shot throughout the round. That means that every time it’s your team’s turn, you’ll each step up and take your turn. 

Once each player has taken their shot, the team will collectively decide which was the best shot out of each player on the team. The whole team will then continue the game from that selected best shot. Hit a bad shot? No worries, your squad has you!  One of the most significant benefits of this epic format is the team vibe and collaborative effort to each hole. And perhaps more importantly, it’s also a great way of playing in a league with NO PRESSURE & lot's of high fives. 

Loads of Prizes  |  Comp Bevy's  |  No Fee  |  Private Bays  |  Unlimited Entries

the details

  • Team Scramble playing PAYNE'S VALLEY Golf Course at Iron & Wood Golf Simulators 

  • Book any day, any time

  • EVERYONE is welcome, no handicap, or experience restrictions!  Bring your team of 4

  • A Drink is INCLUDED for each player every time you play.  (yes you read that right)

  • Teams can play UNLIMITED ROUNDS in the month

  • Golfers can join MULTIPLE TEAMS

  • Every round gets you 1 ticket towards the draw prizes & there are A LOT of them 

  • Prize for LOWEST team score in the month as well as prizes for RANDOM scores!

prizes. prizes. prizes.

•    A Custom PXG 3x Forged 0311 wedge ($250 value)
•    A $50 Gift Card to Kirby's Source for Sports & a dozen TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls ($110 value)
•    Iron & Wood Complimentary Hour Passes
•    PXG Hat & a Dozen PXG Tour Golf Balls ($100 value)
•    A $50 Gift Card to Brewskys Taphouse in Brentwood Bay
•    Limited Edition Vancouver Canuck' Sunglasses

•    2 x $25 Gift Cards to Bin4 Burger Lounge

•    Hoyne Pilsner Swag Bag
•    Sea Cider Tasting Experience for 2
•   Victoria HarbourCats 10-pack Premium Reserved Tickets ($195 value)

•   We're still  gathering more support from the community. Additional prizes incoming!

how to enter

  • Schedule a booking through our ONLINE  software or by giving us a call.

  • When booking over the phone please mention that it will be a scramble league entry. For online bookings, you should use booking notes to include this detail. A 3.5 hour booking is recommended.

  • The scramble entry fee for the team is ZERO! All you pay for is the simulator time you use. 

  • Prior to participating in the I&W Scramble League you are expected to read ALL event guidelines, rules and regulations. You must follow these rules to be eligible for prizes.  (all the info is below & at I&W)

  • Play between May 24th - June 23rd

If you have any questions email or call us! 



Random DOOR Prize Draw - every time you play is an entry. (win more than once!)

Random SCORE Prize (ex. "everyone that shot +2 or -5 WINS a prize")

Submit the LOWEST Team Score


•    Round of golf, including cart and range balls at Highland Pacific Golf Club~  each player $150 value
•    Iron & Wood hat, shirt and LIMITED EDITION I&W cart phone holder ~ each player $75 value
•    Team photo posted to Iron & Wood social media. Your victory will live forever! Priceless.

Total Value $800



Rules & Regulations

The following are rules, guidelines, terms & conditions ALL participants are expected to be aware of to ensure I&W SCRAMBLE LEAGUE rounds played are eligible for prizes and more.

the details are important!

This months course: Payne's Valley Golf Course

  • Men play white tee's 6482 yards, seniors 55+ play red tee's 5907 yards, and ladies play green tee's 5150 yards

  • Simulator round settings will include 10 foot gimmies, 0 MPH wind, and NO lie penalties. Course elevation is set to authentic Payne's Valley elevation  of 1223 feet

  • As mulligans will not be an option,  participants are warned to retrieve the ball promptly when the ball is near the screen; there are some instances where retrieving the ball when the next player is up will cause the system to register a shot , I&W staff ask participants to "smile, pick up and move on," as simulator golf isn't perfect; please consult I&W staffers on how to minimize the likelihood of inadvertent shots registering.

  • 4 person teams maximum, and 2 person teams minimum, where each participant can only play 1 ball per round (ie. 3 golfers, 3 person scramble)

  • No handicaps, no exclusions, no exceptions - ANYONE can participate

  • Unlimited rounds per person; can play on multiple teams; and teams can play multiple times until the deadline of Thursday June 23rd (end of day)


Must play Payne's Valley Golf Course
Men 6482 yards - white tees
Women 5150 yards - green tees
Seniors 5907 yards - red tees

  • An Iron & Wood staff member must be notified prior to the round commencing that the round is for an I&W SCRAMBLE LEAGUE entry

  • An Iron & Wood staff member must set up and hit START to get the round started; they must also be informed when you are done all 18 holes so they can print your scorecard. 

  • 2 person teams minimum and 4 people maximum, only 1 ball per player.

  • Simulator round settings will include 10 foot gimmies, standard course settings, no mulligans. Be mindful of featured course elevation!

  • Simulator time is the standard pricing of $55+tax per hour. No coupons can be used for scramble rounds. Gift cards are permitted .

  • As mulligans are not allowed for this event, you are encouraged to take caution when picking up your golf ball from the screen, as there is a chance that if you go pick up your ball when another player’s shot has started it could register as their shot when scooping the ball back to the hitting area. Good vibes operating procedure;  "smile, pick up and move on"

  • If you hit CONTINUE after you have completed the round before the round can be verified and printed by a staff member, it will NOT count towards the competition or any prizing.

  • Bookings must be a minimum of 3 hours for groups of 4, 3h 30 is strongly recommended for groups of 4 to complete 18 holes.  As you must complete all 18 holes to submit your score, ensure you and your group have enough time to complete the round. If additional time is needed, please request this as soon as possible and we will accommodate based on availability. 

  • Participants & teams are responsible for paying for all simulator time scheduled, and in the event additional time is utilized (assuming additional time is available to be utilized), participants & teams agree to pay additional simulator time charges, just like any ordinary booking.

  • In a case where multiple teams are tied for the same score after 18 holes, a 9-hole tiebreaker will be announced for all tiebreaking-teams, where applicable teams play for free on a 2 hour time limit and have 10 DAYS to complete the 9-holes from date-of-announcement, are solely responsible for scheduling the tiebreaker themselves, and NO team substitutions are permitted. In the event that 2 or more teams remain tied after completion of the 9-hole tiebreaker, the team with the most eagles in the tiebreaking round wins, followed by the team with the most birdies, followed by least number of bogeys or worse.

  • One drink is included with your entry!  Each participant can redeem a coffee, any non-alcoholic product ... and yes any beer, cider or cocktail. The drink is yours to enjoy as a part of your entry into the league.

  • Prize draw tickets will identify WHO each qualifying round was played with, so in the event the winner has played multiple rounds with multiple teams, the winning ticket will be capable of distinguishing one round from another. 

  • Grand Prize winners will be able to choose the size and color for the hat and shirt subject to availability.

  • All golfers begin with a 25% chance of winning a door prize, and can increase their odds of winning by playing additional qualified rounds, earning 1 additional ticket towards the prize draw for each round they play.

  • The Random SCORE Prize Draw will be limited to the first 5 teams that shoot a particular qualifying score, in the event that several teams have all shot the same score that's drawn.

  • The purpose of the Random SCORE Prize is to ensure teams are completing & submitting their scores & scorecards, regardless of how "bad" or "non-competitive" their final score was perceived as. Savour Play Time and enjoy the journey!

  • The winning team will have their photo taken and it will be posted on I&W social media - and maybe somewhere cool and new that we haven't thought of yet.

  • If any rule, guideline, recommendation, term or condition is not clear in its original form, a) Iron & Wood Golf Simulators (I&W) may update its descriptions as long as the updates are clearly known to all participants, and b) participants agree that I&W has the right to use its best & most fair judgement at any time and for any reason during the course of the event.

  • In the event of ANY technical issue, or otherwise negative event or circumstance is experienced, participants should immediately notify an I&W staff member. We'll always do our genuine best to rectify the situation; and ultimately, we cannot promise that we can rightfully solve every situation. Stuff happens, you know? So, if you hit any snags or bumps, we just ask that you bear with us. Technology can be tricky, golf simulators aren't flawless, and organizing a community golf event isn't always smooth sailing.

  • We're proud to bring together local business, good vibes and epic prizes for this ALL NEW League - when in doubt, forgo your entry, ignore all rules, and just stick to having fun!

  • Participants and prospective participants are encouraged to contact with questions, comments, concerns, ideas, or feedback based on their experience participating in The SUPER SCRAMBLE!

savour play time

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