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"Never get tired of doing little things for others, sometimes those
things occupy the biggest part of their hearts."

A great man to so many Larry Orr was the template for how we can positively impact this world. The ripple of his personality will be felt for many years in how we treat each other, work astoundingly hard and the importance of companionship. He was a "beauty" in every sense of the word and will be missed terribly.

The Why

This event isn't advertised & it isn't broadcast to the public, it is something for us to be proud of and celebrate as an authentic group of great people raising funds for KIDSPORT - VICTORIA.

The heartbeat of the event revolves around removing the financial barriers for children to play sports in our community. We have partnered with KidSport - Victoria which is a wonderful organization with a number of initiatives designed to pay for registration fees for under privileged kids. Since it's inception, The Larry Orr Invitational has raised over $66,298 for youth sports in our Victoria community. Every little bit helps and we are excited to continue on with the great momentum.

Dad was someone that always worked from the background. Making sure that everyone's needs were met before his own. From that, we were all lucky to learn how to support each other and the ones we care about.

THANK YOU for being a part of this beauties only event.

-Derek, Gillian & Maxine Orr

The What

There's lot's of great things planned for the day, Ardmore GC is the perfect venue for us to have fun and raise money for KidSport Victoria. We have everything from a 50/50 draw to an EPIC silent auction table - there are draw prizes, on-course goodies and a $10,000 Hole In One!


Larry Orr invitational photo album

A collection of event photo's and images from last years event. Pay special attention to sponsor logo's and community partners... and the beer Zamboni #beerboni

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